Author Rowley Richards

Rowley Richards OAM  MBE  ED MID

Author of A Doctor’s War

Dr Rowley Richards had a distinguished career in both medicine and the military.

He graduated from the University of Sydney in Medicine with MB BS in 1939, aged 23, and following his return home to Sydney after three and a half years as a Japanese prisoner of war, Dr Richards was Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) in 1947 for his service as a regimental medical officer while imprisoned in Changi, along the Burma–Siam Railway and in Japan, and in 1969 was awarded an MBE for service in war and peace. He also earned the Efficience Decoration (ED). He is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian College of Occupational Medicine and the Australian Sports Medicine Federation, and has also been granted fellowships by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the American College of Sports Medicine and the Australian Institute of Management.

In 1960 Dr Richards joined the St John Ambulance Association, where he was heavily involved in standardising first-aid training programs for St John Ambulance examinations, and ultimately designed the St John first-aid kits based on the Army first-aid kits he had issued to his own men before going into action in the Malayan campaign. He became NSW chairman and vice president, and in 1981 was awarded a Knight of the Order of St.John. Rowley was always actively commiitted to caring for fellow veterans and to preserving veteran memory. He passed away on 26th February 2015 in his 99th year. We will not see his like again.