Author Andy Bell

Andy Bell

Author of Adrenalin Rush

Andy was born in Scotland and moved to New Zealand as a child with his parents.

After completing his electrical apprenticeship with the New Zealand Navy, Andy joined the New Zealand Police Department. Working as a General Duties Constable he was asked to undertake ‘Undercover’ work in both the drug and subversive arenas. He worked undercover for almost 3 years infiltrating a number of major drug cartels including the ‘Mr Asia’ syndicate. The work undertaken during this period resulted in some 60 arrests of major players in the importation and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Andy moved to Australia in the early 1980s and has had a successful career in management within the Security Industry. He has also been advisor in security related matters to both Australian and overseas governments.

Andy’s true crime thriller of life undercover is told in his book Adrenalin Rush released in 2007.