Author Mandy Roach

Mandy Roach

Author of Adrenalin Adventures Around Australia

Working as a lecturer in nursing has, in part inspired this book. During Mandy’s time as a nurse she met a few palliative patients who sometimes had regrets.

‘I wish I’d done more with my life, taken more risks, lived more’.

Mandy wrote the book to try to inspire people to do things that they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t. She herself was scared of some of the things she did in order to write the book but the feeling of conquering those fears was awesome and truly character-building.

Mandy’s son is her inspiration. He participated in many of the activities in the book, which provided many magical memories.

Mandy is a single mum who enjoys sport, travel and painting with acrylics. Since starting to paint at Christmas 2005 she has sold around 25 paintings of seascapes and surf art.