The 100 Greatest Cricketers Cover

The 100 Greatest Cricketers

Revised and Updated

Geoff Armstrong with foreword by Steve Waugh

New Holland

Almost 2500 men have appeared in Test cricket, from the inaugural Test played in March 1877 to today. To reduce this list to the best 100 is an imposing task, but it is also one that is guaranteed to provoke argument among those with an eye for the game’s history and its greatest players.

In The 100 Greatest Cricketers, experienced sportswriter and publisher Geoff Armstrong has compared eras, analysed career records, sifted through fact and fiction—and enjoyed much discussion and debate with colleagues and friends—to come up with a list of the best players of all time, ranked from one to 100. He has done so by selecting nine teams, and then nominated his favourite all-time player as the ‘100th man’. Each team includes two openers, three middle-order batsmen, an all-rounder, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers, at least one of whom is a spinner.

Of course, it is impossible for any such list to be truly definitive. This is perhaps the book’s greatest appeal—that you the reader are fully entitled to disagree with the author’s opinion, while at the same time appreciating the qualities of the players profiled. Steve Waugh is not the only person who has wondered if the Second XI might beat the First XI. Who is in that top team? Who does Armstrong rate as cricket’s greatest allrounder, spinner, fast bowler and wicketkeeper? Who would you leave out to put your favourite player in? Were the old cricketers really so good? Or have the modern champions superseded them?

In this revised edition, Geoff Armstrong finetunes the top 100 and updates all statistics. The 100 Greatest Cricketers will give enormous pleasure to fans and generate endless debate as connoisseurs compile and compare their own lists of cricket’s greatest ever players.