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The Master

The Life and Times of Dally Messenger Australia’s first sporting superstar

Sean Fagan and Dally Messenger III

Hachette Australia

‘there’s no bigger name in rugby league history than Dally Messenger’

Andrew Johns

Dally Messenger was an Australian sporting superstar in the early years of the 20th century—rugby league icon, rugby union champion, and the most popular sporting personality of his day.

He was courted by all codes in that heady period of the early 1900s, when rugby league and Australian rules were fighting to become the dominant winter sport. He represented Australia in rugby league and rugby union and also represented New Zealand in rugby league. Thousands flocked to the ground where he was playing, and he is revered as an icon in rugby league to this very day.

The Master is a popular and authoritative account of the life and times of a superlative sportsman, a tribute to a rugby league player without peer, and an inspiring story for all those who would marvel at his sporting excellence and outstanding achievements.

He is truly a wonder, and is full of tricks, an opponent never being able to tell what the next move will be.

Sydney newspaper—c.1908