Rugby League Yarns Cover

Rugby League Yarns

100 great stories from 100 great years

Neil Cadigan

Dolphin Press

Rugby league was 100 years old in 2008 … a century of memories, thrills and spills, conquests and tragedies. The game has changed but the great characters have endured.

To celebrate the sport’s milestone, leading league journalist, author and administrator Neil Cadigan has created this eclectic compilation of stories which typify the spirit, the humour and the often unexpected happenings in The Greatest Game Of All.

Some of the yarns have been well told in print before but are worth bringing back to life; others had been destined to recollections around the bar at footy reunions.

Did Chris Mortimer really rip off a cast and remove screws from a broken hand to play for Penrith in the late 1980s? Is the Bowler Hat episode from the 1967-68 Kangaroo tour a real event or the exaggerated newspaper report that grew into legend? Who is the Aussie Test player who was subject of a big con by a man professing to be an officer in the French Foreign Legion?

Inside are 100 such ‘yarns’ about footy—from Kangaroo tours to the bush, reflecting the character, camaraderie and charisma of rugby league over a century.