Dylan’s Pilgrim Cover

Dylan’s Pilgrim

Jeff Wells

Dolphin Press

In this manic memoir of a modern day Candide’s search for a messiah it is 1969, the end of the wildest, hallucinatory decade of the century, and naive young gentleman lout, tabloid hack, and wannabe hipster Jeff Wells, is undone by love.

But aided by the cheapest ticket in the world, he, like thousands of others from around the planet, sets off from his bleak homeland of Australia to the political turmoil of New York to find the man with the answers, Bob Dylan.

The journey, a cavalcade of craziness, in the tradition of his muse Jack Kerouac, begins in a beat third class French tramp steamer peopled by crackpots, idling through the Pacific Islands, and bumbles on through the dictatorships of Central America, and highways of hippie USA, to the Big Apple.

Along the way he is poisoned, chased with machetes, kidnapped, skinned, melted, drugged, robbed, barbecued, conned, betrayed, and abandoned, and runs headlong into the rampaging radical feminist and gay rights movements in his efforts to survive with no money and no job.

And where is Bob?

Now 45 years later, there is a worldwide Dylan renaissance. Bob the mystic joker, is finally writing and speaking to his forgotten pilgrims. And, as a burned out member of the Silent Generation, Wells looks back on his tour de farce of a pilgrimage. Did Dylan ever have any answers? Or was he just a tambourine man and Wells just another ragged clown behind?