Author Tim Priest

Tim Priest

Author of On Deadly Ground, Enemies of the State and co-author of To Protect and to Serve

Tim Priest is a former police detective who served in many of Sydney’s toughest crime spots—Redfern, Green Valley, Liverpool, Kings Cross and Cabramatta.

He worked with such criminal investigation units as the National Crime Authority and the Criminal Investigation Branch’s drug squad in operations involving organised crime and drug trafficking. His first book, co-authored with Dr Richard Basham, To Protect and To Serve was published in 2003 and gave a shocking insight into ethnic crime and police bureaucracy. Tim’s second book, Enemies of the State was released in August 2009. Both books attracted much media attention and were on the best-seller lists.

Tim's most recent book 'On Deadly Ground' tells the story of the assassination of Labor politician John Newman - the first political assassination in Australia's history, and its links with the notorious 5T street gang.