Author Richard Travers

Richard Travers

Author of Diggers in France

Richard Travers graduated from Sydney University in Arts and Law, and made a career in law, becoming a senior partner in one of Australia’s largest law firms.

His keen interest in history, the military and France inspired him to write Diggers in France—Australian soldiers on the Western Front. In a few weeks on the western front the diggers suffered more casualties than the entire Gallipoli campaign.

Althought not a soldier himself, Richard Travers comes from a long line of soldiers, including his great, great grandfather, Warrant Officer Henry Green, who had the regimental number 1 when the Australian Army was first established; his great grandfather, General William Holmes, who was killed at Messines in the Great War (and after whom General Holmes Drive surrouding Sydney Airport is named); his grandfathers and great uncle, Colonel Jack Travers, Colonel Hector Clayton and Colonel Basil Holmes, who served on Gallipoli and in France in the Great War, and his father, Captain William Travers, who was a prisoner of war of the Germans during the Second World War. Apart from his writing and other interests, Richard is also a lecturer in Law at the University of NSW.

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