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Phil Tresidder

Author of Phil Tresidder On Golf

In 1947 the late Phil Tresidder, then 19 years old, convinced Sir Frank Packer that there was merit in him going to England…

… to provide coverage of the Australian rugby union tour. In fact he stayed for eighteen magical months, working on a remarkable post-war explosion of major sport through 1947 to 1948—the Wallaby tour, the tour of the Australian cricket team that became known as Bradman’s ‘invincibles’, the Olympic Games in London and the 1948 rugby league Kangaroos featuring the young Clive Churchill. It was a career beginning that was nothing short of dazzling. In the following years he wrote cricket, golf and rugby for the Daily Telegraph pausing now and then to tackle an Olympic Games or book project. When the Telegraph was sold to News Limited in 1972, Phil stepped away from the newspaper world to focus on the game he loved best of all—golf.

In the foreword to his last book Phil Tressider on Golf, the great Gary Player said, ‘I have so many great memories of Phil and his family. He was a lover of sport and particularly of golf. He loved professional golfers and they in turn respected him. Phil Tresidder was a real gentleman and he will be missed. He has left a legacy to both golf and journalism’.