Author Greg Hilder

Greg Hilder

Author of Celestial Mayflower and Today the Planets Tomorrow the Stars

Greg grew up at Randwick in Sydney, doing his schooling at Randwick Public School and Randwick North High School.

He spent 8 years serving in the Merchant Navy and a number of years on the family farm at Wauchope on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Recently retired, Greg previously worked for the NSW Attorney General’s Department at the Local Courthouse in Waverley.

Wealth of Kings


Don't know how high I've climbed up the proverbial ladder of success,

But if it has anything to do with money, guess I'm a pauper more or less

My life has been enriched in other ways that lets me boast the wealth of kings

My fortune the sum total of the life I've so far lived

If I was to die tomorrow there'd be no tears, I'd go contented to my grave

The earth may be damp, the headstone cold, but my crown will be diamond laid

I'm a CEO, a VIP, wear an MBE dangling around my neck

To me that's just singing the chorus of Auld Lang Syne on Titanic's promenade deck

I've seen the big shots cruising in their convertibles sucking on Havana cigars

Sure, they may well own a bank, but they're bankrupt in their hearts

I bet they've never rose at dawn to greet the newborn day

Or tried swinging from star to star like in my own peculiar way

Most people nurture an ego, aspire to material things

But me, I have my finger on the pulse, I boast the wealth of Kings