Today the Planets Tomorrow the Stars Cover

Today the Planets Tomorrow the Stars

Greg Hilder

Dolphin Press

Is there life out there, somewhere in the vastness of the universe?

To put the question in perspective, it is estimated there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Bondi Beach. To think that mankind, residing on this tiny little rock called Earth, is the only life in the entire universe defies logic or even plain common sense.

Is there life after death?

Another conundrum that has baffled man for many thousands of years. Most people have never seen a ghost, spirit or whatever you wish to call it, from ‘the other side’. So they conclude if they haven’t seen one they don’t exist. And yet, every moment of our existence our bodies are surrounded by radio waves that pass around us, over us, through us. We can’t see them, hear them, smell them, and yet they are as real as the nose on our face.

So, there is no reason why parallel universes, wormholes in space, and ghosts should not exist. The greatest revelations will present themselves to man in the fullness of time. No doubt science has explained much, but not everything.

Man, harassed and distracted with his tedious day to day affairs, rarely has time to ponder these two basic, but vital questions.

I propose to you humble reader, that at the very least, you keep an open mind. In Today the Planets, Tomorrow the Stars you shall find some poems making discreet enquiries and maybe, just maybe, some poems holding the answers.