The Fittler Files

The Fittler Files

Brad Fittler with Ian Heads


Brad Fittler – aka ‘Freddy’ to most in rugby league’s world – is ranked as one of the greatest players of all time.

In the pages of The Fittler Files, Freddy, in his roles of media commentator, expert ovserver and keen photographer – sets out to tell the boots ’n’ all story of a rugby league year as never before, from the inside. Probably no-one in the game’s past has been as consistently up-close and personal as he has been each week through the 2011 season. Fittler has been there shoulder-to-shoulder with players, coaches, referees and officials on the sidelines, int the dressing rooms and at closed-door training sessions.

From the man who lives and breathes rugby league, The Fittler Files tells it as it really is through razor-sharp insights and photos that present the game in an original and bright new light.

I think a lot of Brad Fittler and always admired the way he played rugby league and what he brought to a team. This book represents Freddy’s ongoing contribution to the game he loves.

—Wayne Bennett

Freddy is extremely knowledgeable about the game and his ways of communicating that knowledge differ from many other commentators. He is as insightful as any good judge in the game today.

—Darren Lockyer

Freddy was one of the most freakishly talented players I have ever seen. Working with him and getting to know him has been a great buzz. I love the young man!

—Ray Warren