Enemies of the State Cover

Enemies of the State

Tim Priest

New Holland

Where are the police who once brought security to our community? ‘Those that could have stopped this madness are long gone. The cops that once brought safety to the community streets for over a century have now become ‘enemies of the state.’

‘Unable to predict or prevent levels of organised crime few thought possible in this country, the NSW Police Force now lurches from one crisis to the next. The Cronulla riots, the Redfern riots and the Macquarie Fields riots are just a few of the notable public order debacles. This is on top of the emergence of Middle Eastern crime gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Pacific Islander crime, the apparently endless blowing up of ATMs across the city and a type of lawlessness on the streets few could have imagined.’

Drawing on extensive research from parliamentary enquiries, royal commissions, court documents, interviews, police court briefs, speeches and television and newspaper coverage, Tim Priest reveals the scandals, blunders and media propaganda within the power brokers of our society. These are the cover-ups that leave New South Wales vulnerable and that have been kept from the public domain—until now.

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