Adrenalin Rush

Adrenalin Rush

The Adventures of an Undercover Cop

Andy Bell

ABC Books

‘Bell, you are are a pain in the arse. If it was left to me, I would throw the book at you and have you walking the beat. Look at yourself; you look like one of those hippies, or whatever you call them. You are a disgrace to the uniform.’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘Don’t f***ing yes sir me, you long-haired lout.’

Detective Constable Bell’s boss hates him and his career prospects are looking dicey. So when he’s sent undercover as punishment for a minor misdemeanour that involved his car, a flattened carport and a naked female on the back seat, he can’t help wondering whether lying low for a while might be the best thing.

But the drug scene in 1970s New Zealand is a murky world. Living in a brothel and sleeping with the gorgeous madam in hopes of cracking a major drug operation, he finds himself in too deep, too fast. Suddenly DC Bell’s got a big problem and it’s not just that he’s living with violent criminals who would kill him slowly if they found out who he really was. No, Andy Bell’s problem is that he is enjoying it. Enjoying it so much that even when it’s time to come out from undercover, he doesn’t really see why it has to end…

Raw, exciting and frequently funny, this true-crime thriller is a fast-paced, first-hand account of life undercover. Action-packed, it guarantees an adrenalin rush from roller-coaster beginning to helter-skelter end.