On This Day in Sport Cover

On This Day in Sport

Ian Trent

New Holland

  • On what day and in which year did the great sports events occur?
  • When was the four-minute mile broken?
  • Who won the last Football World Cup?
  • Which cricket player took the most wickets?
  • Who jumped the highest or furthest at the Olympic Games?
  • Which sports stars share your birthday?

Find out the answers to these questions and thousands more sporting facts and figures in On This Day in Sport.

This book covers a wide variety of sports from all parts of the globe, including golf, every code of football, tennis, skiing, swimming, baseball, speed skating, yachting, surfing, cricket, basketball and more. It has the facts of the greatest sporting events and even some of the less well known sporting events.

Prepare for that trivia quiz, amaze your friends with little-known statistics or just dip in out of curiosity to find your favourite sport or athlete.

On This Day in Sport will tell you when, where, who, how long and by how much and lots more.