Retrospective Cover


Jeff Carter

New Holland

Jeff Carter: Retrospective is a collection of memorable images spanning over fifty years of Jeff’s adventurous career as a photojournalist.

Since he went on the road with camera, typewriter and notebook, fresh out of high school in 1946, Jeff has faithfully and sympathetically recorded the lives of rural and coastal folk in every corner of Australia. Not in the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ style of modern journalism, but as an equal who lived and often worked with his subjects. Time was never of the essence, only getting the story ‘properly true’, as he calls it. As a result his photos have an itimacy and honesty that reflects an admiration for the struggle street battlers he knows so well. This is a book the like of which we may never see again—not only because many of the trades and lifestyles are already lost or fading, but due to the point-blank style and intimacy of the images.

Tom Uren

Capturing the human face of Australia among landscapes of cultural significance—the city, the beach and the bush—Jeff Carter rejects the popular focus on celebrities and instead showcases the battlers who helped shape our nation, the first Australians, and the next wave in his tribute to the overlooked majority of our island continent.