Dogs Cover


101 answers to commonly asked questions

Dr Rob Zammit (formerly on Burke’s Backyard)

Allen & Unwin

For entry-level dog owners as well as friends of old dogs, Dr Zammit includes information on selecting the right breed, providing a healthy diet, grooming and worming, toilet-training, teaching your dog not to bark and diagnosing what’s wrong.

  • What sort of dog should I get?
  • Can I stop my dog barking during the day?
  • My dog is shy. What should I do?
  • What’s the best lead and collar for my dog?
  • What is hip dysplasia?
  • Can a backyard be made escape-proof?

These are the answers to the most commonly asked questions in an easy-to-use, straightforward format. It’s everything you need to know about dogs from a man who understands and loves them.