To Protect and to Serve Cover

To Protect and To Serve

The untold truth about the New South Wales Police Service

Tim Priest and Dr.Richard Basham

New Holland

Almost every month in New South Wales brings stories of police corruption and a police service under attack both from the criminals it tries to put away and the people it has sworn to protect. Are the reports we read just media sensationalism, or is the New South Wales Police Service in serious trouble? And if it is, what’s gone wrong?

Tim Priest was a cop who loved his job and gave everything he had to fight crime on the drug-ridden streets of Cabramatta. Yet he found himself waging his biggest battle not against the drug gangs but against the very organisation he worked for. Eventually, he could stand it no longer and spoke out about the politics and bureaucratic bungling, chronic lack of resources and crazy police decisions that seem endemic to the New South Wales Police Service. For this, he was labeled a ‘whistleblower’ and ultimately railroaded out of the force.

Parlimentary inquiries and the evidence of other ‘ordinary cops’ subsequently proved that Tim Priest had spoken the truth and, perhaps more shockingly, that what the newspapers reveal is merely the tip of the iceberg of what is really wrong with policing in the State of New South Wales. While crime seemingly continues to spiral out of control, morale among rank and file police has plummeted, and experienced cops find themselves at the mercy of a promotions system that leaves them nowhere to go but out.

Tim teams up with Richard Basham, a man with deep insight into the police service through his involvement in a number of criminal investigations, advisory boards and personal friendships with ordinary cops, to reveal the ‘untold story’ of the police service. To Protect and To Serve will take you behind the scenes of a police service on the verge of collapse… and leave you wondering what can be done to save it.