Life’s a Bitch! Cover

Life’s a Bitch!

What men really think

A. Man

New Holland

‘A woman marries a man expecting he will change and he doesn’t. A man marries a woman expecting she won’t change and she does!’ And that’s the way it is.

Well, according to Life’s a Bitch it is. Written by a man, this book is an irreverent satire about everything men need to know about women. Well, sort of… It actually reveals the mysteries and secrets of women. Well, it tried to… but you will laugh about the battle between men and women when you read this book.

Declared years ago by his wife and daughter to be a ‘male chauvinist pig’, A. Man decided he would commit his lifetime experience and observation of the behaviour habits of women to a book. It may not be a big book, but if it assisted just one man to understand a little bit about women, the author’s life would be worthwhile.

Life’s a Bitch is ideal for reading on a plane or a toilet.