Consider Your Verdict Cover

Consider Your Verdict

David Ettridge

New Holland

Late in the afternoon of 20 August 2003, David Ettridge and Pauline Hanson were sentenced in the Brisbane District Court to three years imprisonment with no parole period. The case was highly publicised and the Australian media and general public were shocked at the severity of the sentence. After an expensive legal battle the convictions were quashed and, just eleven weeks after they were sentenced, Ettridge and Hanson were released from jail.

David Ettridge and Pauline Hanson had been controversially charged with fraud against the Queensland Electoral Commission in relation to the registration of the One Nation party in Queensland. By the October 1998 federal election, the One Nation party had 350 branches throughout Australia with around 18 000 members and the Labor and Liberal parties were united in their determination to neutralise the One Nation party as a political force in Australia.

In Consider Your Verdict David Ettridge provides a behind-the-scenes account of the protracted legal process, the involvement of some well-known people and his experiences in jail. He also reflects on the state of Australia’s legal and political system and exposes what he believes was a political conspiracy, which saw the pentalities faced by Ettridge and Hanson increased from a maximum six-month sentence to a possible seven years in jail—a one-year conviction was enough to disqualify Pauline Hanson from ever running for Federal Parliament again.