The Last Word Cover

The Last Word

Jack Gibson

ABC Books

He was the master motivator … what he says is often profound and has the effect of making you think a little about yourself.

Wayne Bennett on Jack Gibson

The late Jack Gibson’s The Last Word offers a rare insight into one of football’s greatest coaches. Never before has so much of Jack—his memories, his strong opinions and his unique views on what it takes to succeed—appeared in one book. He looks back on outstanding teams, superb players, famous victories and the occasional setback, while also revealing his thoughts on rugby league today, on winning, and on coaching others to make the most of their lives.

Sitting alongside Jack’s own words is material from his diaries and scrapbooks, featuring wisdom from some of sport and history’s most inspiring thinkers and most effective motivators. These have come from a lifetime of ‘collecting’, of Jack trawling through books, magazines and newspapers searching for a quote, a saying, a one-liner that might provide an ‘edge’. The best of these gems appear in The Last Word.

So, too, does a remarkable collection of tributes to Jack—from people as diverse as his wife Judy, Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett and influential radio commentator Alan Jones.

‘I think Jack Gibson is one of the old brigade who believed that a good example was the best sermon,’ says Jones. ‘In all that he did and with all those he supervised, Jack was that good example.’