The Wide World of Ken Sutcliffe Cover

The Wide World of Ken Sutcliffe

Ken Sutcliffe with Ian Heads and foreword by John Newcombe

Allen & Unwin

‘It was always great to see the friendly smiling face of Ken Sutcliffe when I walked off the course.’

Craig Parry

He’s been a fixture in Australian lounge rooms for decades—the face of sport on the Nine Network for 30 years. He’s presented the sports report on the evening news, been the long-time host of The Wide World of Sports and acted as the network’s anchorman at many of the world’s biggest sporting events, including the Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, Wimbeldon and the US Masters.

He has been a legendary survivor in an industry notorious for its fickleness, and has worked closely with some of the biggest names in Australian television and sport. Who could forget his almost nightly fits of giggles as Graham Kennedy’s ‘straight man’ co-host?

He is Ken Sutcliffe, much-loved journalist, sportcaster and personality.

The story of Ken’s life also takes in many landmark events in Australian sport and television, and it is told with characteristic good humour and larrikin charm. His firmly held opinions on all things sport are fascinating and insightful, and included here is his insider’s view on the Matthew Johns and Cronulla Sharks scandal that threatened to blow rugby league apart.

How a boy living in a tent beside a railway line grew to become one of our most familiar faces and respected names makes for an entertaining and revealing read. He is the man behind the face of Australian sport and his is a great Australian story.

‘One of my fondest interactions with Kenny came in 2001 at the World Championships in Fukuoka after I broke Kieren Perkins’ 1500m world record by seven seconds. He looked at me like a father would, gave me a big hug and said, “You did it, mate; I’m so proud of you!” Having a guy who was so much a part of the Australian sporting landscape and someone who I personally respected embrace me like that added even more to one of the most significant moments in my career.’

Grant Hackett