Nothing to do With Justice

Nothing to do With Justice

Diane Fingleton

New Holland

When an intense workplace dispute escalated into litigation because of an email, Diane found herself in the dock and charged as a criminal.

Under close media scrutiny, Di was tried by a jury and found guilty. Stripped of her clothing, her dignity and her integrity, Di was subjected to the deprivations of prison life, while her new-found love battled on outside. She began writing her book on a prison computer in a lonely prison cell.

Drawing on the strength she learnt as a girl, Di spent six months behind bars, only to discover on her release that she should never been sent to prison in the first place. Vindicated by the High Court of Australia, Justice McHugh said she had ‘suffered huge public disgrace,’ and that ‘it would be hard to imagine a stronger case of a miscarriage of justice.’

This book is a shocking and riveting story of one woman’s determination and the struggle to survive.